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Introducing the first-ever movie streaming site that provides an ad-free experience and comes with a powerful API - Truthflix. We understand the frustration of being interrupted by ads while streaming your favorite movies, and that's why we have created a platform that eliminates all the ads, providing you with an uninterrupted and seamless streaming experience.

But that's not all. At Truthflix, we have also taken the initiative to make your streaming experience faster by reducing the load times of the movies. We know that your time is valuable, and you shouldn't have to wait for long periods to watch your favorite movie.

Our platform also offers a personalized experience through our cutting-edge recommendation engine. Our algorithm analyzes your streaming patterns and provides you with a list of movies that we think you'll love. This way, you can spend less time searching and more time enjoying the movies you love.

What's more, we have made our API available to developers who want to create their own powerful applications powered by Truthflix's API. This means that you can create your own application and integrate it with our platform, making it even more accessible to users worldwide.


The first Ad-free movie streaming site with an API! Our unique movie streaming platform offers advanced features, such as fast loading times, faster loading times for fast-paced action-loaded times, and a personalized experience through our recommendation engine. Our API also allows developers to create their own platforms powered by Truthflix's scrapping API.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a user-friendly movie streaming platform that is ad-free.
  • Provide a seamless streaming experience with fast load times and personalized recommendations.
  • Create an API that can be used by third-party developers to create their own streaming platforms powered by our data.
  • Push the limits of my data scrapping skills.

Project Challenge

The main challenge of this project is to ensure that the data scraped from various sources is consistent with the data provided by the Movie DB API. This is particularly challenging for TV series, as the episode numbers and titles can vary across different sources. For example, it is possible to have an episode labeled as "Episode 6" on a website, but this may actually correspond to "Episode 8" on the Movie DB API.


To address this challenge, the project will need to develop a robust data validation and cleaning pipeline that can detect and correct inconsistencies in the data. Additionally, the project may need to implement machine learning algorithms to automatically map episode titles and numbers across different sources. Overall, the project will need to ensure that the final dataset is accurate, consistent, and complete, so that it can be used effectively for analysis and visualization purposes.

Tech Stack

Check out the live project here:

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